two parts university, one part whinging about my job and a sprinkling of a healthy lifestyle for good measure

watching jeremy kyle does wonders for my self esteem




This is an actual article and I’m still having a hard time believing it’s real.

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my dalliance with veganism thus far

so, around the middle of january i transitioned to a plant based diet.

starting points:

  • i have been vegetarian since i was 14.
  • my vegetarianism/veganism isn’t exactly informed by ethical reasons. i don’t have any real affinity for animals (soz) and although i think that the mistreatment of animals for our consumption is gross, if i did want to eat meat - i would.
  • i changed to a vegetarian diet simply because i don’t like the taste of meat (well, what i remember of it…). i transitioned to veganism to try and clear up my skin / achieve a greater sense of health generally.

in terms of achieving what i wanted, veganism has been great. i’ve been eating crappy for the last couple of weeks so i don’t feel my *best*, but, when i’m doing it right, i feel really good. my skin is like porcelain and i have heaps of energy. hair is also v glossy and so obviously i’m a fan.

as far as maintaining the diet - idk, i’m a little torn. i’m perfectly happy with the food i eat (actually, everything i eat is delicious because life is too short for average food) but i do miss certain things, mainly halloumi and milky earl gray tea.

i think the hardest thing about veganism is making sure that you’re happy with what you’re eating. i’m really aware of the fact that eating a plant based diet throughout winter is going to be super rough for me. when i first started with this, summer fruit was in season and was therefore v delicious and v cheap. i was having banana / berry ice cream for breakfast most mornings with muesli and was quite often having large salads with a tonne of avocado + some form of protein for lunch and dinner. i love eating like that. but my fav fruits are already out of season and avocado prices are horrific (not to mention that they’re all small and sad looking) and so i’m already sort of struggling with the idea of maintaining veganism. that said, i’m trying to make a concerted effort not to just psych myself out of it (often i make things out to be worse in my head so that i feel justified in giving them up. hmmm).

(actually, i’m at my parents house for the rest of the week and have approximately zero plans so i might just spend tomorrow searching for winter-y recipes that take my fancy.)

if you’re coming at veganism from a health pov and not some sort of ‘poor-animals/environment-epiphany’ then i think that you definitely have to work harder at sticking at it, and not just throwing it in when you see people eating your fav dairy products. the entire time i was vegetarian, i ate a lot of dairy (no seriously i have eaten so much cheese, milk and yoghurt in my life i will never have to worry about osteoporosis. mmmm strong bones) and it has been a hard/weird adjustment. things like coyo are great (albeit expensive) but sometimes there are no real substitutes and you just want the ‘real’ thing - one day at work i was lusting after my colleagues halloumi salad so much that i was basically eye-fucking it. i guess the thing that i’ve tried to do is move away from thinking that i can’t have x but instead try to focus on all that i can have :)

idk, if you are thinking of switching to a plant based diet then i think that it definitely pays to keep things really simple when you first start to transition. i legit ate the same thing each day for two weeks when i first started and i’m really glad i did - i think there’s a danger in trying to be super fancy when you first move away from vegetarianism/meat eating. i mean, your main goal is trying to get your body used to not having certain things and if you know that there are vegan meals that you love, i really don’t see anything wrong with thrashing them for a little bit. plus, if you try to be really fancy when you first change then if your recipe is a failure/it’s not what you expected then there’s way more chance of you reaching for a piece of cheese.

this is all really jumbly and i’m not sure if i’m making much sense considering it’s 1am. overall, eating a plant based diet has so far been perfectly enjoyable - a solid 7/10. i definitely haven’t reached the point where i’m totally obsessed with this way of eating and couldn’t see myself eating any other way but it’s fine for now and i’ll be sticking with it for the foreseeable future :)


We did rope climbs yesterday in the workout (with ring dips and wall balls) and I actually RXed the workout!!  
….I finally figured out how to get down correctly once I get to the top. 

literally the ~*~american dream~*~


We did rope climbs yesterday in the workout (with ring dips and wall balls) and I actually RXed the workout!!  

….I finally figured out how to get down correctly once I get to the top. 

literally the ~*~american dream~*~

being with my family is like being on ‘i’m a celebrity get me out of here’ except for i’m not a celebrity (yet)

  • i have done approximately nothing since i’ve been home. it’s been so, so good. i’m becoming really aware of the fact that i probably need to chill out re taking so much on with uni/work/life.
  • i want to buy a car! (i should probably work on moving to a flat with parking spaces first…)
  • i’m catching up with my best friend tomorrow :D when we worked out that we’d both be at home at the same time we decided on going hiking on one of our fav tracks but the weather is atrocious so i’m changing my vote to movies and popcorn.
  • my family is insane. batshit crazy insane.


feijoas are the absolute worst why are people saying such nice things about them??

Omggggg I was just thinking about IF this morning

i’m thinking that an 8 week stint could be good? i’m at my parents for the rest of this week so there’s no real point (because i’ll be watching tv @ 2am and snaaackin’ holla) but i’m working full time next week and i think it could be a good ‘jolt’ back into it. i haven’t been doing it for ages and i’d sort of forgotten about it but i tend to do ‘best’ when i have two large meals a day. hmmm.

i think i want to go back to IF? maaan, i want to do something. my eating / exercise has been waaaay off lately. received an ask that was like “do you no longer post about exercise” (soz i deleted it) and the only response i had in my head was “lol you have to exercise in order to actually post about it”. i have been so off my game. like, everything has just not been coming together. i feel really fluffy and sluggish and just not anywhere near where i want to be.

patiently hanging out for ajita’s post on what she’s doing so that i can copy everything. srs.

today’s gem from my nana: “you’ll see that quite a lot of shows these days have all got one gay character you know they’ve taken it quite far”

yes nana wow representation is so awful